Uttarakhand Technical University Dehradun

Ordinance for Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Programme


Admission to the BCA Ist semester will be made as per rules prescribed by the Academic Council of the University or as per guidelines prescribed by the State Govt. from time to time.


  • Intermediate Mathematics.
  • Attendance
    • Every candidate is required to attend all the lectures, tutorials, practical and other prescribed curricular and co-curricular activities. It can be condoned up to 25% on medical grounds or for other genuine reasons.
    • A further relaxation of attendance up to 15% can be given by Principal/Dean/ Director of the Institute for the students, who have been absent with prior permission, for reasons acceptable to Head of the Institution/ College/ University.
    • No candidate will be allowed to appear in the end semester examinations if he/she does not satisfy the overall average attendance requirements as per clause 3.1 and clause 3.2.
  • 4. Duration
    • 4.1 Total duration of the BCA Course shall be three years, each year comprising two semesters.
    • 4.2 Each semester shall normally have teaching for the 90 working days.
    • 4.3 A student failing 2 times in I and / or II semester (of first year) and ineligible for the carry over system (clause 8) shall not be permitted to continue studies further.
    • 4.4 Maximum time allowed for completing the BCA course will be 5 (five) years. Those who are unlikely to satisfy the condition shall not be allowed to continue the studies any further.
  • 5. Curriculum
    • 5.1 The 3 (Three) years curriculum will be divided into six semesters. Each semester include lectures, tutorials, practical and seminars as defined in the scheme of instructions and examinations.
    • 5.2 It will also include co-curricular and extra curricular activities as prescribed from time to time by the Institute/college/university.
  • 6. Examination
    • 6.1 Student's performance will be evaluated through continuous assessment in the form of Class Tests, Assignments, Quizzes, Viva voce/Practical etc. There shall also be an examination at the end of each semester in theory subjects, practical and project.
    • 6.2 The distribution of marks for the class tests, quiz test, assignments, end semester theory, practical, project, seminar and other examination shall be as per the prescribed scheme of examination.
    • 6.3 The maximum marks for the theory subjects shall consist of marks allotted for end semester examination and sessional work.
    • 6.4 The maximum marks for the practical shall consist of marks allotted for practical examination and sessional work.
    • 6.5 Pass/fail in a subject shall be declared on the basis of total marks obtained in theory/practical examination and the sessional award for theory/practical subjects.
    • 6.6 The minimum pass marks in the theory subjects (including sessional marks) shall be 40%.
    • 6.7 The minimum pass marks in the practical subjects (including sessional marks) shall be 50%.
    • 6.8 The marks of the previous semester(s) shall not be added in declaring the result of any semester examination.
    • 6.9 To pass a semester candidate must secure 50% of aggregate marks in that semester.
    • 6.10 No merit position shall be awarded to a candidate who has qualified for promotion to higher classes with back papers.
    • 6.11 The student failing in the project only but satisfying all other requirements including obtaining 50% or more marks in aggregate will be allowed to submit a new / modified project at any time after three months of the declaration of result without repeating the whole session.
  • 7. Promotion Rules
    • 7.1 A candidate satisfying all the conditions under clause 6 shall be promoted to the next semester.
    • 7.2 A candidate not satisfying the above conditions but failing in not more than 2 subjects (Theory and/or practical) of a semester examination shall be governed by the clause No. 8.
    • 7.3 All other candidates will be required to repeat the semester either as regular candidate, after re-admission or opting for ex-studentship. This facility is however subject to the time limits stipulated in clause No. 4.
  • 8. Promotion under carry-over system
    • 8.1 A candidate who fails in the category of clause No. 7.2 shall become eligible for provisional promotion to next semester and the carry-over system as per the following table.
  • For promotion to & exam Max. permitted no. of carry over subjects of semester

    II 2 - - - - -
    III 2 2 - - - -
    IV 2 2 2 - - -
    V - - 2 2 - -
    VI - - 2 2 2 -
    Admission to & Carry over subjects not cleared of semester Semester Exams. not Permitted V I & II
    8.2 No separate carry-over Examination will be held for any subject except for BCA
    Final year. Any candidate eligible for the carry-over system shall have to appear
    in the carry over subjects in the subsequent University Examination for the same
    9. Ex-studentship
    Sessional marks in the subject of an ex-student shall remain the same as those secured by him/her earlier.
    10. Result
    Results at the end of final year will be declared with the following weightages:
    I year 100%
    II year 100%
    III year 100%
    11. Award of Division
    11.1 If candidate passes all examinations in single attempt and secures 75% or more in
    aggregate marks he/she shall be placed in the First Division with Honours.
    11.2 If candidate passes all examinations and secures aggregate marks of 60% or more
    but less than 75% OR greater than or equal to 75% after back in any examination,
    he/she shall be placed in First Division.
    11.3 If candidate passes all examinations and secures aggregate marks of 50% or more
    but less than 60%, he/she shall be placed in Second Division.
    12. Seminar and Project
    12.1 Candidate must secure 50% marks to pass in seminar and project.
    13. Grace Marks
    A candidate shall be entitled to grace marks of a maximum of 5 in any one subject
    in a semester to enable him to pass, provided he is failing in only one subject and
    has secured the necessary minimum aggregate. The grace marks shall not be
    added to the marks of the subject or to the aggregate. The grace marks will not be
    awarded to enable a candidate to pass in a practical or project.
    15. Scrutiny shall be allowed as per the rules of the University. Revaluation is not

    Uttarakhand Technical University
    Bachelor of Computer Application


    BCA101 : Programming in 'C'
    BCA102 : Fundamental of Computers
    BCA103: Mathematical foundation of Computer Science
    BCA104 : Business Communications
    BCAP11 : Programming in 'C'
    BCAP12 : PC Packages(Introduction to Operating system & MS Office)


    BCA201 : Data Structure & File Organization
    BCA202 : Programming in C++
    BCA203 : System Analysis and Design
    BCA204 : Digital Electronics
    BCAP21 : Data Structure & File Organization
    BCAP22 : Programming in C++


    BCA301 : Computer Based Numerical Techniques
    BCA302 : Data Base Management System
    BCA303 : Theory of Computation
    BCA304 : Organization Structure and Personnel Management
    BCAP31 : Computer Based Numerical Techniques
    BCAP32 : Data Base Management System
    Programme Structure


    BCA401 : Operating system Organization & UNIX
    BCA402 : Visual Basic Programming
    BCA403 : Software Engineering
    BCA404 : Data Communication & Computer Networks
    BCAP41 : Operating System Organization & UNIX
    BCAP42 : Visual Basic Programming


    BCA501 : Computer Graphics
    BCA502 : Web Programming using JAVA
    BCA503 : Management Information System
    BCA504 : .Net Technology
    BCAP51 : Programming in JAVA
    BCAP52 : Net Technology


    BCA601 : .Net Framework
    BCA602 : Network Security
    BCAP61 : .Net Framework
    BCASM : Seminar
    BCAPR : Project

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