Infrastructure :

In terms of infrastructure and technology support, SB (PG) COLLEGE is top among the other colleges in its class. All the galleries and class rooms are spacious enough to ensure fatigue-free teaching and learning inside the class rooms. Teaching is imparted with the help of LCD Projector and hi-fi acoustic arrangements. Audibility is evenly distributed throughout the classroom at an optimum decibel, which is electronically controlled.


SB (PG) COLLEGE's Library is furnished with huge number of textbooks, reference books and journals on each subject for . Besides, there are plenty of books of general interest meant for improving the students wisdom in different fields. The competitive books are published by famous Indian & Foreign publishers. Some books of very high quality and rare availability have been stored here for reference only.

Computer Lab

Information technology is the focal point of the Institute, and at the core of it we have highly Sophisticated Computer lab, equipped with state of the art hardware and software. The lab has a network of computers under the Client Server Architecture, which work jointly under the Windows and Linux environment. All computing machines have connected peripherals like printers, scanners etc. All relevant software is installed on these networked computers enabling the students to understand, learn and master the use and maintenance of these software. Our highly equipped Computer lab Executives encourages the student to fully explore the boundaries of using the computer lab. The students are made to give online tests and internal exams; they are also encouraged to use the lab for preparing their reports, presentations and projects. The lab provides Internet facility to the students through digital subscriber link from BSNL, the link is a part of the high speed international Internet backbone of BSNL with a speed of 512 Kbps upgradeable to 2 Mbps.


Transport is being arranged for desirous students.


More than 15 large capacity class rooms and study rooms are provided for with spacious egronomically designed seating arrangements and hi-tech teachiung tools.The facilities are cross ventilated well lit and and overlooking some green expanses and natural contours through the windows. Large no of rooms ensure single shift attendance for all courses . This also results in better hosekeeping of the study facilities. The CLASSROOMS besides being comfortable are equipped with all multimedia tools and gadgets . The students are digitally connected via wi-fi and biometric tools take care of essentials as 'Attendace', 'Assignment distribution', 'Note taking ' etc.

Seminar Halls

It serves as the perfect focal point of numerous academic events with central air conditioning, ultra modern sound system, video projection facility, hi - tech lighting and provision for special light effects. It also serves as a suitable venue for peer and industry interaction through talk shows, seminars etc

Facilities for Sports

SB (PG) College,VikasNagar has facilities for both the outdoor and indoor sports. The University team has participated and won several state level and inter collegiate tournaments. The sports in which the students are engaged are Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Throw ball, Basket ball, Athletics. The University has exclusive high tech gym for both boys and girls within the residential campus itself.


The cafe is located with in the campus. It serves nutritious & delicious snacks and meals through out the day. The area is beautifully designed with proper seating arrangement and has become a proper palace for relaxation and discussion.

Medical Facilities

The institute has in campus First-Aid facilities to take care of the immediate health needs of the students. The Institute also has a physician on its roll to visit the campus as and when required for psychological & intellectual need & growth of the students.

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